Being a HMO landlord can be complex: HMO regulations, finding quality tenants, collecting rents, regular fire safety and property checks, maintenance issues, renewals, voids and much more. No matter what level of service you require we are here to help.


Whether you’re a hands on or hands off HMO landlord we have a choice of services available for you.
HMO Let Only

Let Only

We will conduct all viewings, let your HMO room by room, prepare the tenancy agreements and protect the deposits

Free Rental Valuation
We will visit your property, explain the current market conditions, calculate the rent we can achieve for you and walk you through the process of letting with us.
Professionally Marketed
99% of our tenants will start their room search online, therefore we ensure your HMO rooms are seen on all necessary portals and on social media.
Accompanied Viewings
We will meet the potential tenants at your property, show them around, inform them of the benefits of renting a room in your HMO and explain how to secure a room.
Offers Negotiated and Agreed
Once we receive an offer we will inform you and negotiate the rent and the length of the tenancy accordingly. We will then take a holding fee from the tenant to close the deal.
Legally binding tenancy agreement
After you’ve checked that you’re happy with our tenancy agreement we will send it to the tenant to eSign. It will then be forwarded to your email for you to eSign.
Registration of Deposits
To ensure that any disputes concerning the deposit can be settled by independent adjudication we register the tenants deposit with the TDS.
Full Reference & Right to Rent Checks
We go to great lengths to ensure we find the best tenants for your HMO. We do this by performing one of the most comprehensive background checks on the market.
HMO Let and Rent Collect

Let & Rent Collect

We will provide the Let Only service, collect and chase the rent, provide monthly statements and manage the renewals.

Let Only Service

All of the services in the left hand column will be provided. So we still conduct the viewings, get the tenancy agreement signed, register the deposits and so on

Collection of Monthly Rent

It will be our duty to ensure each tenant pays their rent in full and on time each month. All rents will be collected, reconciled and transferred to you promptly.

Chasing any Late Rent
If a tenant is more than 24 hours late with their payments we begin our process which includes constant communication through multiple channels until the rent is paid.
Annual Gas Safety
It is a landlord’s legal responsibility to renew the gas certificate annually. We will send you a reminder before it’s due and if requested we can organise to do this for you.
Seamless Relets & Renewals
When a tenancy agreement is coming to an end we will communicate with you and the tenant to discuss the possibility of signing a new contract and perhaps including a rent increase.
Monthly Statements Provided
We will provide you with monthly rental statements that will clearly illustrate your rental income.
HMO Fully Managed

Fully Managed

Let & Rent Collect service plus we will keep your HMO compliant and deal with any tenant and maintenance issues.

Let and Rent Collect Service

All of the services that are shown in the two columns on the left will be provided. This means we will still show your HMO to prospective tenants, get the contracts signed and collect the rent etc.

Full Inventory

When moving in each tenant will sign a professional inventory that will include photo evidence and descriptions of the property and furniture. We can then use this if there is a deposit dispute at the end of the tenancy.

Correspondence with Tenants
One of the biggest challenges HMO landlords face is constant communication from multiple tenants any day and any time. We will take this pressure away and handle all of the correspondence for you.
Maintenance Reporting
When tenants contact us about maintenance issues, if we can’t resolve the issue without any cost involved, we will inform you right away so you can decide if we take action.
Maintenance Managed
Once you’ve approved the works, our contractors will act on instructions promptly to fix any maintenance issues. This includes plumbing, electrical works, carpentry etc.
Monthly Inspections
We will inspect your property monthly to ensure it is safe, complaint with all HMO legislation and that the tenants are looking after the property and doing their part as well
Legislation & HMO Compliance
There is a lot of legislation that a HMO landlord needs to adhere to for the safety of the tenants, but also to protect themselves from being deemed as negligent. Therefore, on a monthly basis we ensure the HMO is compliant with all legislation.
Advice on Deposit Deductions
When a tenant vacates the HMO we will deploy an independent checkout clerk to inspect and report on the room and furnishings etc. If there are any issues we will ensure you don’t incur any losses and we will provide photo evidence that can be submitted to TDS.

Not sure which service is best for you?

Have more questions about the services we provide? No problem! One of our team will be happy to help. Feel free to email us, call the office or fill out the form on the contact page. 

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