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If a high street letting agent is marketing your HMO to a large group of sharers,
rather than renting it by the room, you’ll almost certainly be leaving some rent ‘on the table’. You could also be increasing your chance of voids. 

Increasing income for HMOs since 2013

There are many reasons why renting your HMO by the room increases the rental income. Primarily it all comes down to demand. There are a lot more professionals looking for individual rooms in London than there are large groups of sharers looking for a house together.

Increased Income

HMO’s that are rented by the room make more income when compared to HMOs that are rented to large groups of friends.

Reduced Voids

All individuals won’t vacate your property at the same time, unlike what happens with groups of friends.

Less Hassle

HMO’s with rooms rented individually have less problems when compared to HMO’s rented to groups of friends.

Giving Your Money Away

Every single day there are HMOs uploaded to Rightmove that are undervalued. Below we illustrate the higher rental income we have achieved for landlords when renting their HMO by the room.

Ellerdale Street SE13

Rental Valuation pcm: £2,900pcm

Annual Income: £34,800


Clonmore Street SW18

Rental Valuation pcm: £3,100pcm

Annual Income: £37,200


Wolfington Road SE27

Rental Valuation pcm: £2,800pcm

Annual Income: £33,600


Trevelyan Road SW17

Rental Valuation pcm: £2,850pcm

Annual Income: £34,200


Ellerdale Street SE13

Rent achieved pcm: £4,050pcm

Annual Income: £48,600

40% Increased Income

Clonmore Street SW18

Rent achieved pcm: £4,130pcm

Annual Income: £49,560

33% Increased Income

Wolfington Road SE27

Rent achieved pcm: £3,990pcm

Annual Income: £47,880

43% Increased Income

Trevelyan Road SW17

Rent achieved pcm: £3,450pcm

Annual Income: £41,400

21% Increased Income

Your potential, our challenge

Our aim is to fulfill the potential of your HMO by renting it room by room then manage the multiple tenancies. Since 2013 we’ve been increasing the rental income for landlords by a significant percentage.


Average annual rent increase

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